Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

I blinked - that's all I did and it's already 2010!  We're already in a new decade and it seems like yesterday we were all worring about Y2K! 

Anyway, we just returned yesterday from a very relaxing and fun-filled week in Odessa.  But as with every trip, something has to happen!   But in all of it, we always see where God has His hand on us and is protecting us.  We were on our way home Sunday when I suddenly looked at the gas gauge and decided we needed to get off at the next exit which was Eastland to get gas.  So we stopped and I got out while Doug went into the store and noticed that steam was billowing out from under the hood.  Long story short - a hose had busted. 

Since it was Sunday, there were no mechanics open, but - here's where I know God had his hand on us.  Within walking distance were restaurants and two hotels.  We did drive the van over to the hotel, but it was only a few feet from the gas station.  So, I am very thankful that we were stranded in good conditions and not on the side of the highway.  We are talking about getting a newer vehicle, although neither one of us really want to do it.  Doug and I are those type people that hang onto vehicles until they don't run anymore which is why we're still driving the van which is 15 years old!  But we just don't see the need to trade vehicles in every few years unless it's absolutely necessary.   But when they start breaking down all the time, it is time to look into something newer.  

Enough about vehicles!  We totally enjoyed our stay in Odessa and even got to see it snow on New Years Day.  It is so nice to visit with our friends and family there. We were able to be in church with our dear friends Bro & Sis Harris and visit with the church family.