Friday, April 15, 2011

Forty Minutes to Supper

I love trying new recipes, especially bread recipes.  Back in December, I decided that I was paying too much for bread and decided to completely stop buying bread.  It's been a journey, and I'm still not completely making my own, but I do only end up buying about 2 loaves a month which is a lot less than in 2009 when I first became interested in pursuing this.  I first began with several recipes using my bread machines (I have two - both of which were given to me).  I just wasn't satisfied with the results because the bread just didn't rise enough.  So, then I began using the bread machines to make the dough and cooking it in the oven.  That has worked out great.  My sister recently gave me a wonderful recipe for Batter Brown Bread from the Bread Book  and so far, I like it the best for sandwiches.  But I still needed a recipe that would work for hamburger buns.  Again, I found it on the same website as the recipe from my last post.  It's called 40 Minute Whole Wheat Rolls .  I've used it several times already and these rolls are so yummy.  I did change it up by only making eight instead of 12 due to the size.  

Tonight, the kids wanted pizza.  I did not have time today to make pizza dough.  So, I got this recipe out and decided to make a pizza roll with it.  Instead of dividing the bread I spread it out into a rectangle shape, added pizza sauce, cooked sausage, and mozzarella.  Then, I rolled it up and placed it on a cookie sheet.  The nice thing about this bread is that it only has to bake for 8-10 minutes.  

The bread turned out beautiful, but the real test was whether the kids would like it.  They loved it and asked me to make it again.  The next time, I'm going to make it into a deep dish pizza.