Friday, April 20, 2012

If you've ever had to write an article in school that included every vocabulary word in your curriculum, it might go something like this:

Upon being his accomplice, he also had an art for getting impunity.  When he wasn't being sly and sneaky, his composure was austere as a normal gentleman.  But when he was to do a job, he became ensconced and even the zephyrs would put him on edge.  His master, being a phlegmatic man, never hid among the peristyles to avoid the law.

One day while in a pensive position, he became cadaverous and started perambulating and turned limpid yet inveterate at the same time.  To his chagrin, he began a colloquy with the officials, which he comprised of their latest despotic manner.  They became angry and warned him of his coming punishment.  Being taken among the antipodes by the flotilla, only his suave talk would get him out of this one.  He would have to inveigle them.  Soon he became lugubrious and found himself at the terminus of the harbor getting ready to be taken away.  A physiognomist, being very intractable, was made to sail with them.  When they were among the verdant islands, the physiognomist tried to talk him into an extradition, but he refused and became taciturn.  They stopped at some hypogea, but began to argue and inveigh one another.  So they were put under cumbrous task when the ship moved on.  When they gained their equanimity, they were given viands.  Then they were irrevocably happy.

Now wasn't that enlightening!  Thanks dear daughter for the inspiring story!  As for my husband, he says he prefers Ray Bradbury!