Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum for 2011/2012

Below is a list and links for those wanting to check out the curriculum I've chosen for next school year.  One note on the Total Language Plus.  These are the books I've selected, but we will start with one and see how it goes - the book list may change midstream.   Since there is a local seller of this curriculum, I will be purchasing one study guide per child at a time. 

3rd Grade (8 year old girl)

Language Arts
    1. The courage of Sarah Noble
    2. Charlotte's Webb
    3. Pippi Longstocking
History / Art
Foreign Language
Fine Arts
  • Piano - private lessons and recital

6th Grade (11 year old boy)

Language Arts
    1. The Sign of the Beaver
    2. Amos Fortune Free Man
    3. Adam of the Road
    4. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
    5. My Side of the Mountain
    6. The Cricket in Times Square
  • Story of the World IIITextbook, Activity Book and Tests - I did not purchase the Cd's because after listening to the samples, I feel that he would soon grow bored with them.  He will also be reading biographies of some of the people he'll be learning about - such as some of the early American heroes.
Foreign Language
Fine Art
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Guitar Lessons - This one is still up in the air yet, but he is begging to learn guitar and drums, but drums are out for now so hopefully the guitar lessons will work out.

7th Grade (12 year old boy)

Language Arts
    1. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
    2. The Bronze Bow
    3. Rifles for Watie
    4. The Call of the Wild
    5. The Phantom Tollbooth
    6. The Hiding Place
Foreign Language
Fine Arts
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Violin - He has shown interest in continuing his violin studies since he's had two years of violin already.  We will see how this goes.

9th Grade (14 year old girl) 7 1/2 credits

She will be using Abeka Academy for the majority of the following.  However, we've made a few changes because she needs one full credit for geography and Abeka only offers one semester.

Bible (1 credit)
  • Hebrew History
Math (1 credit)
  • Algebra I
Science (1 credit)
  • Biology
Language Arts (1 credit)
  • English 9 (includes spelling, vocabulary, grammar, composition, poetry and literature)
Geography (1 credit)
Foreign Language (1 credit)
Fine Arts (1/2 credit)
  • Piano - private lessons and recital
PE (1 credit)
  • Variety of exercises and outdoor activities including some exercising videos such as Leslie Sansone and Jillian Michaels.  She's been using these already so we will just continue it. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Matthew 19: 16-22

This young man has an excellent article concerning these verses.  He also goes to our church and has preached for us.  Keep up the good work Ryan! 

Matthew 19:16-22

I was thinking, dangerous I know, that I catch myself at times just doing what I feel it takes to simply 'get by'. I allow distractions of life and relationships to consume my time, and my thoughts. If I am not careful I can become lethargic in my prayers, in my worship, and in my walk with God. I'll feel that tug from God drawing me deeper and calling me to a new level, but I make excuses as to why I can't get there. I feel sometimes like this rich manJesus Christ. Let us not get so comfortable with where we are that we cannot hear the voice of God calling us deeper.

Ps. 42:7 "Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me."

Ryan Denard

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Memories

This past Mother's Day weekend was one of the best I've had.  We took our children out of school (I know - big gasp!)  for Thursday and Friday.  We've never done it before and since next school year, they'll all be homeschooled, the whole idea of skipping school will take on a different meaning.  So, my children needed at least one memory of "skipping school", right? 

For Thursday, we attended the Homeschool Day at Six Flags.  I must say that it was a very pleasant experience.  Although there are always going to be those that are "radical" in the way they talk and dress, for the most part, people were kind, and not so skimpily dressed, that we had to put blinders on! 

Friday was the annual Homeschool Book Fair which we also attended.  I finally made up my mind for most of the curriculum we will use for 2011/2012.  The only thing left undone is the History curriculum and that is because I have not reviewed it yet.  I have my eye on one in particular, but have not been able to get my grubby hands on a copy.  But, at the book fair, I found out that a store in this area has that book.  So, in the next few weeks, I will check it out and make up my mind on that.   My children enjoyed the book fair, well, all except my youngest who was bored!  My youngest son played three rounds of chess and won every game.  If we'd gone both days he could have played in the tournament.   My oldest was in book heaven.  He's one that always has his nose in a book. 

Friday afternoon, we packed up and headed to a state park to spend the weekend.  The really nice part of the whole camping trip was the fact that I did no cooking whatsoever.  My children did all the cooking.  I spent the whole weekend lazing around, reading (finished two books) and taking naps (something unheard of).

While I totally enjoyed my weekend, there was a sadness to it.   The fact that we couldn't call up my mother-in-law and wish her a happy Mother's Day made this day a little hard on both my hubby and I.    I'll never forget sending her flowers last year for Mother's Day, not realizing that it would be the last time.  I am glad we were able to to make memories with her.  My children loved her and will hold those memories dear as they grow up. 

Making memories, hopefully good ones, is what our children will remember.  I hope that this weekend will be one of those that our children will talk about for years.  Maybe this will become a yearly tradition!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scripture said it....

The men of our church are once again writing a short inspirational message of  different chapters in the Bible. In the coming weeks, I will post some of them that really speak to me. 

Having read Matthew 8 many times, I never thought of it this way.  That's why I enjoy reading these.  They help me see the scriptures from other people's viewpoint.  That's the awesome thing about God's Word - one can read it time and time again and get a new message from it each time.

The first one I'm posting is from a cousin of mine.

Matthew 8
This chapter has four healings, and a storm being calmed. The thing that caught my attention is the disciples just saw the Lord perform three healings, but were afraid, and doubtful in their storm. Did they lack faith because they were with Jesus all the time, and had the mentality that miracles were for other people and not for them? Could it be that I am so used to hearing/seeing miracles for others that I lack the faith when it comes to my own personal situations ? That I doubt God can touch my situation?
Randal Sheppard

Monday, May 2, 2011

Homeschooling - Take 4

We're rapidly approaching the end of this school year and I am diligently working on finding new curriculum for next year.  Hopefully this weeks book fair will help. 

We have decided to go ahead and homeschool all of our children.  Some issues happened this year at the public school where my three youngest go and after much prayer, we decided that this is what God wants us to do. 

When it first became clear that we would be doing this, I was so excited.  Then, reality hit!  Apprehension, and many questions filled my mind.  Am I really disciplined enough?  Do I have what it takes to make a successful homeschool teacher?  Am I qualified enough?  Will my children even listen to me?  What are my goals for my children?  While homeschooling my oldest daughter has gone fairly smooth, teaching four children is a whole different world. 

But, with God's help, and only with His help, we will succeed.  My oldest starts high school this fall, and I'm reading every book I can get my hands on about homeschooling highschoolers.  I rely heavily on those homeschooling families who have been there, done that!  The best source of information and support has come from several blogs that I read.  The reason is that these are down-to-earth moms and dads who have experience and blog their experiences and tips.  If I had wanted to home school ten years ago, I would not have the confidence that I have now.

Today, I'm listing the blogs that I read.  Thank you fellow homeschoolers - you give me the courage and insight to continue.  Just knowing that I'm not alone in this wonderful world of homeschooling is a blessing.