Thursday, October 6, 2011

6th Grade Review

Here's my review for my youngest boy. 
6th Grade (11 year old boy)


  • Teaching Textbook 6 Textbook, CD-ROM,Workbook and Answer Key This is not a strong subject (especially multiplication) for him so he doesn't care for it.  But, in his case, it wouldn't matter what curriculum was chosen, he still wouldn't like it.  Grade wise, he's making A's so he can grumble and complain all he wants, but he still has to get the math done!  
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook and Notebook Journal  He is really liking this, although, I feel that he already knows most everything in this book!  So, as soon as we finish this, we will probably move on to another Apologia book that he doesn't know so much about.   
Language Arts
  • Basic Winston Grammar Set - I wasn't sure how this book would work out when I purchased it, but, to my surprise and delight, it is excellent.  It is a very easy way to learn the parts of speech and each lesson reinforces whats learned.  I will have to purchase the next book soon though because they are nearing completion of this one. 

    1. The Sign of the Beaver -  While I think TLP is a very well-rounded curriculum, he hates it.  But once again, it's because he doesn't like reading too much.  So, I'm having to really pull it out of him on this one.  We will continue to do this curriculum because I feel that it challenges him.  This curriculum does require much of my time, but as we keep plugging along, he is getting better at it. 

  • Story of the World III - Textbook, Activity Book and Tests - I did not purchase the Cd's because after listening to the samples, I feel that he would soon grow bored with them. He will also be reading biographies of some of the people he'll be learning about - such as some of the early American heroes.  This is an excellent and interesting book.  But, we had a huge snag the first few weeks.  As I said about my DS2, he isn't big on reading so he wasn't doing well at all on the reviews.  I considered purchasing the Cd's that go with it, but, decided that I'd just start reading it to him myself.  That turned everything around.  This book is very engaging and being read aloud to makes it even more fun.  He now looks forward to history class and my oldest son makes sure he's in the same room listening too! 
Foreign Language
  • Spanish - We are working slowly on this.  He takes this class twice a week and continually reviews from the beginning. 
Fine Art
  • Artistic Pursuits -  He loves drawing so this subject he's doing just fine in. 
  • Guitar Lessons - This one is still up in the air yet, but he is begging to learn guitar and drums, but drums are out for now so hopefully the guitar lessons will work out.   We haven't started this one yet so I have no review on it.