Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Review

Was I right, or was I right - now there is no epedimic. Under 2000 cases nationwide so, let's just get back to normal living, okay? Wrong, do you know how much $ has been spent for a few cases of the flu? Most likely millions. And how many people and businesses have been affected by this.

And all you kids that were getting out of school for this week, just turn around and go back to school. Many families have been scrambling this week to find childcare arrangements due to this. Many school closings and any extra curricular activities were cancelled. So, now everyone is left scrambling when they suddenly change their minds.

I'm glad our ISD decided to not close the schools. And, maybe I can find disinfectant wipes (which I use all the time) and waterless cleaner now. I needed to buy some last week, and there was none to be found.

Thank you media and government for blowing this out of proportion and scaring a good majority of the population!

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  1. The media got it blown out of proportion? Amazing. ;) I've enjoyed reading your blog. Feel free to visit mine.