Friday, August 21, 2009

15 meals and counting...

My favorite website to read is the Happy Housewife. It is packed with many useful frugal ways to do things and many recipes. One of the things that is encouraged is menu planning. I've been menu planning for years and try to come up with new things all the time. The Happy Housewife has given me many new recipes which are becoming favorites at my house. My way of planning out a meal involves sitting down at my computer. I have many saved recipes and rely on the internet for the rest. I've considered doing away with my shelf cookbooks because I rarely use them. She has asked us to plan 15 meals and link it from her website. I just finished mine for the next two weeks yesterday. I actually plan 14 meals because I buy groceries bi-weekly, but have added an extra one which is also good to have in case grocery day needs to be moved. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. I find it easier if I know exactly what we're going to eat every meal. As for following the days exactly - I don't. Once my menu is planned I print it off and post it to my cork board in the kitchen. As we eat what's on the menu, I mark it off. Please note that many of these recipes come from other blogs which I will include links to.

Day 1:
Breakfast - Breakfast Cookies, milk
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad

Day 2:
Breakfast - (small snack before church - we eat breakfast at church)
Lunch - Roast, carrots, potatoes
Dinner - Ham & Cheese Pockets

Day 3:
Breakfast - Pancakes, bacon, juice
Lunch - Turkey & Cheese biscuits, carrots, milk
Dinner - Chicken & Rice w/veggies

Day 4:
Breakfast - Griddle cooked eggs, toast / fruit, milk
Lunch - Tuna salad, peaches, milk
Dinner - Stew (made with leftover roast) cornbread

Day 5:
Breakfast - Banana muffins, fruit, milk
Lunch - Ham & cheese quesadillas, apple slices
Dinner - Eggs, English muffins, fruit salad

Day 6:
Breakfast - Scrambled egg burritos, applesauce
Lunch - Homemade pizza
Dinner - Yummy Chicken Legs, potatoes, mixed veggies

Day 7:
Breakfast - Oatmeal, juice
Lunch - Chicken nuggets, green beans, grapes
Dinner - Homemade pizza

Day 8:
Breakfast - Whole Wheat Pancakes, milk
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Ham & Potato Chowder

Day 9:
Breakfast - (small snack before church - we eat breakfast at church)
Lunch - Nachos
Dinner - Sandwiches

Day 10:
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, oranges, bananas, milk
Lunch - Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
Dinner - Pink Pasta, salad, corn on the cob

Day 11:
Breakfast - Peanut butter & honey toast, apples, milk
Lunch - Sandwiches, fruit salad
Dinner - Tacos

Day 12:
Breakfast - Oatmeal, juice
Lunch - Taco Salad (from last nights leftovers)
Dinner - Tator Tot Casserole, green beans, fruit salad

Day 13:
Breakfast - Cereal (children can choose oatmeal or boxed)
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Tuna Casserole

Day 14:
Breakfast - French Toast, milk, fruit
Lunch - Macaroni & Cheese, green beans, fruit
Dinner - BBQ Chicken, potato wedges, carrots

Optional Meal # 15:
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Sandwich bread pizza
Dinner - Grilled Chicken, Veggie tray (whatever we have availabe)


  1. Great list! I also plan all 3 meals, so it's great to get some new ideas for all meals. Thanks for sharing!