Friday, September 18, 2009

So Much Learned...

I've learned so much since I've started blogging, especially concerning menu planning, recipes, and living frugally.  There are so many blogs that I love visiting because of the good, down-to-earth information that's coming, not from some company, but from other mommies who are in the same situations I am in.  Just today, I found a wonderful blog that posts gluten-free crockpot meals -  I was very excited about this because my husbands step-dad was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year.  I can now help them out by giving them recipes for foods he can eat without breaking the bank. 

I've started making more of my meals completely from scratch which is healthier and cheaper.  Am I one that absolutely loves being in the kitchen?  Not really!  But with all the advise that I've read about on other blogs, I am beginning to like it more and more.  And I know my family loves it because they eat just about everything I've been serving (with exception to my youngest - she's a very picky eater and we are working on that one!)

So to all my bloggy friends - kudos!


  1. I have learned so much from blogging, and met many new friends too. I love the variety of recipes I have found and tried too. It's made dinner much more interesting in our household.

  2. Thanks for your post! I like to use my crockpot since I work outside the home. This will give me more meal options!!