Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm sure my husband dreads that word by now.  Reason why?  Because every time I start a project it ends up taking longer and costing more than originally planned. 

Project -  Repaint the girls room during Spring Break.  That's easy enough - right?!  Wrong.  I then decided that we might as well take out the carpet (since I hate carpet).  The floors look awful so the project just got bigger. 

Step 1 - Buy paint and supplies - $75

Step 2 - Let's pull out the carpet. After all, I hate carpet because it's so hard to keep clean.

Step 3 - Look at floor - it looks terrible.  And a good cleaning isn't going to do it.

Step 4 - Try sanding it with my little corner sander (to save money on the drum sander)  - Wrong move.

Step 5 - Call hubby and request that he pick up a drum sander on the way home
              Drum Sander rental - $43.
              Sand Paper for sander - $16 (bought 2 different grades)

Step 6 - Sand the floors - uh oh, not enough sandpaper

Step 7 - Go back to Home Depot for more sandpaper
              Sandpaper for sander - $16 (two more)
              Polyurthane for floor - $20

Step 8 - I only have about 3 hours until I'll be charged for another day, so I'm trying to finish what can be
             done with that sander.

Step 9 - Return drum sander. Just made it to store with about 5 minutes to spare!

Step 10 - Look at orbital sander and decide this is what we need (very glad now)
               Orbital Sander $39.97
               Sandpaper for sander - $8.00

Step 11 - Sand some more.  So glad that I purchased the sander - it's making my job alot easier.

Step 12 - Run out of sandpaper (should have bought more, but wasn't sure how the sander would work)
                so it's back to Home Depot.

Step 13 - Finish the sanding.  It looks great.  Have spent at least 12 hours sanding. 

Step 14 - Now for the cleanup.  Wipe all the walls, baseboards and floors clean of dust. 

Step 15 - Put first coat of polyurthane.  Let dry for 10-12 hours

Step 16 - Lightly sand the floor.

Step 17 - Put second coat of polyurthane on floor.  Let dry 10-12 hours more.

Step 18 - Put final coat of polyurthane on floor.  Let dry and keep off for 14 days.

Step 19 - Clean walls again and patch cracks.

Step 20 - Paint walls. (probably 2 coats)

Step 21 - Paint window seals and baseboards.

Step 22 - Move furniture back into the girls room

Step 23 - Find a new rug for room -  will probably cost about $50 for the one I want.

There you go!  We are about to start step 15.  The boys decided they want their carpet out.  I tell them I'll do it in about 10 years!  It's still cheaper to do it ourselves.  To have it done for us would cost well over $1000.  That's motivation enough to do it ourselves.

Pictures will be forthcoming once I finish.


  1. Haha! Isn't that typical for any remodeling project? I remember when we remodeled the youth room two years ago. It was the biggest nightmare I had ever undertaken. But it was worth it!

    Can't wait to see the pictures of your finished project.

  2. You had me laughing. Probably because it sounds all too familiar! We bought the house we are in almost 3 years ago and knew it was a remodel project. However, we niavely thought we would be done within a year. Let's just say we still have the bathroom, laundry and part of the kitchen to do. :)