Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years - same greeting!

Well, we're back! And I thank God we had a safe trip to Odessa and back. We went out there to visit Doug's family. His mother is in really bad health. We actually thought we were going to lose her the middle of December, but she has pulled through and may actually be going home next week. I really wish I could stay out there to help her though as she really needs full time care. But God knows our situation and I know He will take care of it as He sees fit. We have tried to get them to move up to our place, but so far that has not happened.

The biggest surprise for Mother was getting to see her daughter at Christmas. You should have seen the look on her face when Cheryl walked in to the hospital room. I did get a picture, but I know Mother would be very embarrassed if she know I posted it on the internet!

We made it home this evening and greeted the New Year with yet another plumbing leak! It seems that this is our lot in life - have a plumbing leak on the first day of the new year! It's like dajavue. We had the same greeting last year ('07) when we got back from our trip at Christmas and New Years. I just cringe to know how much it's going to cost this time! We'll find out tomorrow. I have some horror plumbing stories that I know you just want to hear all about, but I'd probably be up all night sharing so I'll refrain!

I'll share some pictures later, but it is late - actually I guess it's really early according to my clock! Anyway until the next post....yawn!!!!!

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