Friday, January 2, 2009

January Fools

Okay - I know you read the last post about our plumbing issues. Turned out it's not an issue at all. We always turn our water off when we go out of town. I went out there today to round up the doggies (ours and my Mom & Dad's which we're taking care of while there out of town). Anyway, I just decided to check the outside faucet. It is wrapped for the winter months, but the wrap was soaked. I tightened the faucet and that's what the problem was. Evidently someone thought they might be able to get some free water and left it on when it didn't come on.

So I feel like it should be April 1st (April Fools) so I think I'll call this one January Fools!

Next time, we'll check all outside faucets if this happens again.

Not much else going on today - just trying to unpack from our trip. That's always fun!

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