Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Media vs Economy

Okay - I know that our country is having financial issues and very bad ones at that. In fact, it's downright scary seeing what our new President and Congress is doing with this "pork bill". So at the start of this musing, I just want to say that I do realize that there are many people out of work and many companies going under. This post is strictly an observation that I've made in our area of the country.

But I have a bone to pick with the media. For months now, we've been hearing how bad it is and that no one - absolutely no one is doing any shopping. Just about every day before Christmas I heard the media talking about how poorly the stores were doing because everyone was just "window shopping".

My husband and I went out to eat the other night at a restaurant in a NEW shopping center called Arlington Highlands. If you've ever visited this area, it is huge. You can shop, eat, shop, eat, shop eat all day in this one area and never visit the same shop twice. And they are still building NEW stores in this center.
Because the media has told us for months that no one is buying anything - I took pictures of the very full parking lot (we had to look for a parking space). Evidently, according to the media, we were all just driving around, burning fuel, and trying to look as if we were shopping.
So - dear - let's go look at the menu and just see what they have? And - let's just peek in the window of that fabric store - after all, we are just window shopping - right?

Here's a picture of Doug and I at Mimi's Cafe - just checking out the dessert. Sure looks good - doesn't it - too bad, we're only checking it out!


  1. So very true. I really keep wondering why so many people aren't thinking for themselves instead of believing everything the media is telling them!


  2. Great post! So very true. Glad I found you on blogspot. Your scrapbooking adventure looked like so much fun.