Friday, March 20, 2009

Rest & Relaxation versus the hurried life...

We just got back from a wonderful 6 day vacation doing absolutely NOTHING! If you're a kid reading this - you're going "BORING!" But if you are a parent reading this, you're probably thinking "Such luxury!"

We have been needing a few days to just relax and not be on a time schedule. I love being able to wake up when I want to and not have to beat the clock! It doesn't happen too many times a year, but when it does, I enjoy it.

We went to Glen Rose and spent several days at my mom & dad's weekend home. The pace there is so much slower and sometimes I wish we could move to a smaller town (as long as there's a great church, Walmart and hospital!) Doug is coming up on his 20 year anniversary with his job and I jokingly asked if we could just move after his 20 years are in. Don't worry - friends, we're not planning to move.

Back when I was younger (I'm not old yet!) before I was a mature adult (hahaha!) I could not imagine living in a small town away from the big city life. But as the years progress, I actually enjoy the small town life better. People seem to have more time for each other. In the big metropolis, we never seem to have time for each other - we're too busy trying to get to our next appointment. I love being able to sit on a front porch swing and watch people go by as we talk to each other and our neighbors. And in small towns, you can walk to town - as we did this week.

Okay - snap out of it girl - get back to reality! Gotta go take care of some projects!

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