Monday, July 20, 2009

Praise Trek '09

We just returned home after 2 1/2 weeks out in Odessa, TX. While we were ready to come back, God did such amazing things that part of us just wanted to stay. We have been invited for the last 4 years to do Vacation Bible School at West Side Apostolic Church in Odessa, TX, pastored by Rev & Sis Harris. Each year, my husband and I come up with our own theme and we write most of our own lessons.

The first night, we focused on how we were made to praise God. We started VBS off by going back outside the church and coming back in as the scripture tells us to. "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise".

Petunia (our purple puppet) made an awful mess of the scriptures because she gets so mixed up and had to be straightened out. The children loved having her there each night except Friday night -when for some reason, she didn't show up!

Thursday night, we focused on dancing before the Lord and how we need to praise God in a biblical manner, not just a little patty cake or casual attitude. The lesson was about how David had found the ark of the covenant and was taking it back to Jerusalem. But government regulations kept slowing him down. Seems he needed a permit for everything! But finally, he made his way (along with everyone in the audience) back to Jerusalem. This night we also introduced our first black light puppet song "Shackles". Everyone liked it so much, we were requested to do it again on Sunday morning. Altar service was beautiful this evening with children and adults both crying and praying.

Our theme for Friday night was thanksgiving. We should always be thankful for what God has done. Dr. Doomaflotchit showed up and stopped everything because everyone was breaking out in spots, a disease called Thanklesitus. The doctor had to quarantine everyone with the spots until he came up with a cure. Once there was a cure, the doctor gave all that were infected a shot and they were allowed to return to there seats. Only one came back to say thank you. Can you guess what bible story this one was about?

Saturday, we changed things up a bit and had a play day. First, the children had there pictures taken in the rocket (thanks Sally!). Then, because there had been a meteor shower the night before, we had to pick up meteor rocks. They were a little hard to find because they blended in with the grass very well. After that we went inside to make a cosmic comet which turned out really cute. Then it was back outside for a few games. Our snack that night was pizza planets and planet pops. We ended the evening with a rocket launch (diet coke and mentos!).

Sunday morning was called Mystery Sunday. Detective Dunn had to help Ms Daily out by figuring out what a "present" that she found was. Ended up, it was a gift from God - the Holy Spirit.
We had an awesome time during VBS. The highlight of the week ended on Sunday afternoon at 5 P.M. Doug and I were privileged to teach 3 people a Bible study. There was a family that had just started coming and were there every night of VBS. They, along with another lady who had also come a few nights, were taught a 1 hour Bible study - Into His Marvelous Light. We are so thankful that God had His way during this entire week and are already looking forward to next year.


  1. Soooooo very glad ya'll are back!!

  2. Dunn family,
    I was blessed reading about your week, and seeing the pictures. What a blessing you all were to that church. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A blessing indeed! The whole program was excellent. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of VBS.

  4. Great to find your blog! Glad to hear that God is blessing in your children's ministry! Love ya!