Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today, I am posting something written, not by myself, but by my dh. I love to read his writings as they are often very thought provoking. The men of our church write a daily devotion to go along with the chapters they are reading as a group. Todays chapter is James 2. Although this was written to the men, it applies to us ladies too.

As I compose this thought, it is not intended as a finger pointing accusation but questions I have asked myself.

James 2 talks about faith. Not so-called faith but genuine faith. I have a friend that says he would rather witness to unbelievers with questionable life styles, and dress than to believers. He thinks the "unbelievers" are easier to talk to. Now I think most of us look at these particular people and automatically judge them; not right but I think this happens quite often. In our society people are trying to stand out, be different. For some standing out is expensive clothes, cars etc. and for others it's piercing and tattooing. But what happens when these societal "unbelievers" come into our church services? Pretend they are not there maybe? If so we have just exercised respect of persons which according to James is not genuine faith. Jesus did not give his life for the "believers" looking only. "For God so loved the world..." even the "unbelievers". So why not show our genuine faith by our works? The next time we meet a "unbeliever" can we show grace? Can we find him a good seat in church; maybe next to one of us?

Douglas Dunn


  1. Good post! I want to show grace!

  2. Excellent thought! I'm so careful to gaurd against presuppositions. I wouldn't want my bad attitude or discomfort with certain people to send them away from church and perhaps God.

    Your friend's desire to witness to those with questionable lifestyles may stem from their recognition that they need Jesus. Self-righteous people are always difficult to talk to.

    -James A Woods