Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Awesome God

Sometimes we are so slow in realizing the miracles that God does for us.  Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby mentioned that one of the back tires on the car was in terrible shape.  The way he explained it alarmed me greatly.  In fact, I insisted that he not drive the car until he could get new tires put on that following weekend. 

We did not have the money for new tires at all.  Not even cheap ones.  While I know we're supposed to have an emergency fund, we are trying to build that back up after having to spend the majority of it on repairs for the van and did not have enough to cover the cost.   I wasn't sure what we were going to do other than put this on our credit card.  The morning after I found out about the tires, we prayed that God would provide us with the money to take care of the tires.  The weekend came and we did go ahead and get the new tires.  We didn't see any other way around it because my hubby needs that car to go back and forth to work.  If he were to use the van, our gasoline bill would super exceed the price of new tires. 

Last week, I was checking my bank account and was surprised to see that I had received a refund from a hospital bill from back in April.  Being the person I am, I was very sceptical about the refund, but thankful. 

Just this morning, I was looking at the refund again, and the light bulb came on.  The cost of the tires was $224.  Our refund was for $221! 

I have this mental picture of God with his arms crossed, just waiting for us to get it!  And when we do, a great big smile appears on His face!

There is none like Him!

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