Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Shaped Cake Memories

This past Saturday, my family surprised me, and I mean REALLY surprised me with a birthday party.  Some of my very close friends and family were there.  My oldest daughter planned the whole thing and did a great job of it.  It was a lovely evening. 

Along with it came a beautiful heart-shaped chocolate cake with chocolate frosting complete with chocolate covered strawberries.  When I saw the cake, I nearly burst into tears.  You see, my biological mother died almost 20 years ago, and my step-mom had no idea that the cake she baked for me brought back some of my favorite birthday memories.   When we were children, we got to pick what kind of birthday cake we wanted, and I always chose a heart-shaped chocolate cake.  I haven't had a heart-shaped cake since I was probably sixteen. 

Thank you Mom for a beautiful cake and birthday present.  Although you didn't know that baking a birthday cake would totally make my day, it did.  And it was scrumptious!

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