Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen Adventures

I'm always trying out new recipes and most of the time they turn out great.  But, I rarely follow a recipe completely.  There are several blogs that I read that have some really yummy recipes, and when I see one that sounds like something my family will eat whole-heartily, we try it.  Most of the time, I then post a note about the recipe on that person's blog.  My latest recipe came from So, the following story just goes to show that not following a recipe is not always a good idea. 

Here's my review of the Chicken Queso Soup, which I posted on her blog:

I must say that making this soup was quite an adventure! My youngest son dislikes tomatoes unless they are pureed. So, since this recipe calls for a lot of tomatoes, I decided to puree the tomatoes and add it to the soup. The soup was going along just beautifully until I added the cream cheese, which for some reason, would not melt. I then got the “brilliant” idea of putting the soup in the blender so that the cream cheese would blend. Not so brilliant! The mixture was already runny and even with holding the lid on, it exploded and burned my thumb. I then thought that maybe I’d put too much in the blender and tried it again with a smaller amount. The mixture again burst out of the blender and burned my arm. My husband took over at that point and we finally got dinner on the table. The end result was the creamiest, most delicious soup that I’ve tasted in a long time. I just wanted to share my adventure with this recipe. Thank you for posting it, I will be using it again – but without the blender next time!

By the way, I just realized yesterday that there are still remnants of the soup splatter on my cabinets! 

The moral of this story is: 
Never puree Hot liquid in a blender. 

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