Monday, May 2, 2011

Homeschooling - Take 4

We're rapidly approaching the end of this school year and I am diligently working on finding new curriculum for next year.  Hopefully this weeks book fair will help. 

We have decided to go ahead and homeschool all of our children.  Some issues happened this year at the public school where my three youngest go and after much prayer, we decided that this is what God wants us to do. 

When it first became clear that we would be doing this, I was so excited.  Then, reality hit!  Apprehension, and many questions filled my mind.  Am I really disciplined enough?  Do I have what it takes to make a successful homeschool teacher?  Am I qualified enough?  Will my children even listen to me?  What are my goals for my children?  While homeschooling my oldest daughter has gone fairly smooth, teaching four children is a whole different world. 

But, with God's help, and only with His help, we will succeed.  My oldest starts high school this fall, and I'm reading every book I can get my hands on about homeschooling highschoolers.  I rely heavily on those homeschooling families who have been there, done that!  The best source of information and support has come from several blogs that I read.  The reason is that these are down-to-earth moms and dads who have experience and blog their experiences and tips.  If I had wanted to home school ten years ago, I would not have the confidence that I have now.

Today, I'm listing the blogs that I read.  Thank you fellow homeschoolers - you give me the courage and insight to continue.  Just knowing that I'm not alone in this wonderful world of homeschooling is a blessing.

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