Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scripture said it....

The men of our church are once again writing a short inspirational message of  different chapters in the Bible. In the coming weeks, I will post some of them that really speak to me. 

Having read Matthew 8 many times, I never thought of it this way.  That's why I enjoy reading these.  They help me see the scriptures from other people's viewpoint.  That's the awesome thing about God's Word - one can read it time and time again and get a new message from it each time.

The first one I'm posting is from a cousin of mine.

Matthew 8
This chapter has four healings, and a storm being calmed. The thing that caught my attention is the disciples just saw the Lord perform three healings, but were afraid, and doubtful in their storm. Did they lack faith because they were with Jesus all the time, and had the mentality that miracles were for other people and not for them? Could it be that I am so used to hearing/seeing miracles for others that I lack the faith when it comes to my own personal situations ? That I doubt God can touch my situation?
Randal Sheppard

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