Monday, September 27, 2010

On the mend....I hope!

Last week was one of those crazy's.  Tuesday evening, my youngest started running a fever so Wednesday morning, off to the doctor we went.  I don't normally rush to the doctor for fevers, but she'd been complaining about her head and stomach for several days.  Turns out she had strep throat.  Thursday morning, my youngest boy decided he needed to have a migraine, so since A had strep, I worried about him so off to the doctor we went, again.  Yep, you guessed it - he had strep too.  In the meantime my oldest daughter decided to get in on the action.  When we returned home, she began complaining about her throat.  I check it with a flashlight and sure enough, I could tell she had the same stuff.  So, off to the doctor we went, again.   The doctor was just shaking her head.  Evidently there's only a 30% chance that anyone else in the household will get the virus.  But in our household, strep has affected four of us all at one time before. 

Anyhoo, we got through that day.  I was concerned that my oldest son would come down with it too, but so far he hasn't.  Friday and Saturday were uneventful days as far as sickness goes.  But Sunday - WAM - here we went again!  Sunday morning, my oldest girl broke out in a rash, my youngest girl was complaining about her stomach, and my youngest boy had another headache. 

So, my oldest son and I went to church and left my dh with the others. 

To summarize yesterday, my youngest daughter threw up 8 times; my oldest daughter still had the rash; and my youngest son was fine.  We did figure out that the rash on my oldest daughter is scarlet fever, which she's had before.

Today is an uneventful day as far as sickness goes....I pray it stays that way!


  1. Is this an actual picture of your kids meds? Or one you found on the internet haha...

    If it's your actual picture than I'm glad to see a CVS pill bottle there and not one from a competitor!! My paycheck thanks you haha

  2. I've been reading about and keeping up with your family's sickness on FB, and I hope that you all are feeling better! I know how fast sickness can travel in a family. Every time I read about another kid feeling sick, my heart went out to you! We are praying that everyone is better in Jesus Name!